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Have you got questions about mortgage insurance? Plenty of people do. As a journalist on several different national newspapers and magazines over the years I have seen how many questions come up in our post-bags and in phone calls from readers. Some people want to know more about which policies to take out, others may have problems or questions about plans they have had for some time. The problem is that very few newspapers send personal replies to readers, so it is hard for people to get the answers they need.
This unique website is designed to help. We have collated together some of the most common questions about mortgage insurance and aimed to give the clearest of answers. We have also put in links to plenty of other useful sources as well. Its all independently researched information were not pushing anything other than knowledge. We hope its useful.

Neil Simpson is a former Personal Finance Journalist of the Year and writes regularly on insurance and property issues for the Mail on Sunday, City AM and many other publications.

Find out more by clicking on the six most common Question about Mortgage-Insurance.